This site is a Jyotish Gem Website.

From this site you can find a gemstone. You can get a gemstone recommendation. You can have your gemstone made into a pendant or a ring using ancient rules of Jyotish (https:y). https:y is not the same as Western Astrology. It is a science devised to help us avoid or reduce the harm or difficulty that may arrive in our lives. It can predict which times are favourable and which are unfavourable for various enterprises.It is a very powerful system of prediction. It not only predicts when times may be difficult but it also offers solutions to minimise or alleviate the current or future ill. The laws of karma state that our life situation, the challenges we face our luck our health etc. are all the result of past actions either in this life or a previous one. Because it was our doing we can undo it!. There are, according to the rishis,certain mechanical features in the law of Karma which can allow the effect of certain detrimental past karmas to be alleviated or minimised, which may be about to materialise in our life. Prevention is better than cure! The rishis have devised various techniques to do this. One of the methods is the wearing of precious gemstones set in precious metals. .The gemstones emit an astral radiation which counters that sent out by the planet(to be effective the gems must be as faultless as possible, of a specific weight(usually 2ct or more) and must be set so that they touch the skin. The protective effect is said to be like that of a lightning conductor on a house. The correct gemstone must be chosen as wearing the wrong stone will either be detrimental or ineffective. The correct gem(s) are chosen by the study ofthe Jyotish chart of the person. To do this an accurate birthtime must be known. If an accurate time is not known then a rectification can be performed by a skilled https:er. This method basically works backwards, using known events and times to arrive at an estimated birthtime. If this cannot be done and an accurate birthtime cannot be established then the person can benefit by wearing a navaratna ring (nine gem) . This can be worn by all regardless of birthsign as it contains gems for all nine planets(grahas)

In https:y the planets (grahas=those that seize) are nine in number;

sun, moon, mars, mercury, jupiter, venus, saturn, ketu & rahu (the nodes of the moon)

no account is taken of neptune uranus or pluto in this system.

the corresponding gemstones are;

ruby, pearl, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire, chrysoberyl cats eye, hessonite garnet

there are also uparatna (substitute gems) They are generally less expensive, they are not as powerful as the primary gems so they may need to be of a higher carat weight.

red spinel/garnet, moonstone, peridot, topaz/yellow beryl, white sapphire, Amethyst/Blue Topaz/Spinel,