How can wearing a Gem Help me?
Because of certain mechanical features in the law of Karma the ancient rishis(seers) devised certain measures to alleviate (minimise or reduce) the current or future ills caused by past wrongs;such as the wearing of specific gems/precious metals, which emit an astral radiation which counters that sent out by the planet(to be effective the gems must be faultless, of a specific weight and must be touching the skin).the effect is like that of a lightning conductor on a house

In https:y the planets (grahas=those that seize) are nine in number;

sun, moon, mars, mercurey, jupiter, venus, saturn, ketu & rahu (the nodes of the moon)

no account is taken of neptune uranus or pluto in this system.

the corresponding gemstones are;

ruby, pearl, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire, chrysoberyl cats eye, hessonite garnet

there are also uparatna (substitute gems) They are generally less expensive, they are not as powerful as the primary gems so they may need to be of a higher carat weight.

red spinel/garnet, moonstone, peridot, topaz/yellow beryl, white sapphire, Amethyst/Blue Topaz/Spinel,

By wearing a gem of a particular planet that planet becomes strengthened in the persons chart. Which planet is to be strengthened is the job of the astrologer to decide. Strengthening the wrong planet in a persons chart can have a detrimental effect even as strengthening the right planets will have a beneficial effect.One should be very careful in choosing a gemstone and it should not be done without expert advice. From this website you can get a gem prescription, also most competent vedic astrologers will be able to advise you. See our links to find contacts.